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Resolutions: What is of value and what is the goal

Yesterday’s post was about turning the notion of New Year’s resolutions “upside-down.” By thinking about the “bigger picture” when it comes to resolutions—one is in a position to allow his/her chosen values inform the way(s) he/she desires to behave.

What does this mean in choosing specific resolutions—or goals?

Well, to use the example of a relationship: If a person thinks about what kind of partner or spouse he or she wants to be, that person is doing some values work. If a person seeks to be an honest, open, and loving partner—this says something about what these attributes mean to a relationship. It says something about what that person desires to be. The question that follows is how then—in action—will a person show he or she is living out what is valued?

The specific action—or goal—comes from there. A person attains their goals by committing to act on his/her values. The goal is not necessarily the end-in-itself—but functions like a guidepost that says: “You’re on the right track…keep going!”

What does this look like?

Put simply, goals have to be observable and achievable. At the same time, though, they have to be far enough away in order to useful. It’s fine to start with baby steps, yet over time, the medium-range goals will be most helpful to get one on the values-directed track.

What goals can you see yourself committing to today?