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Have you checked up on your relationship today?

The maintenance reminder light just lit up in my car. Time for an oil change.

I remember years ago when all I had to go by was the little adhesive note that the mechanic would stick in the upper corner of the windshield with the mileage and date of the next oil change written on it.

Now, the car simply tells me when it's time for work.

Why can't relationships have maintenance reminders?

When there are difficulties or problems in the relationship, it's easier to let things just be--with the hope that the difficulty or problem passes.

Sometimes it does.

And sometimes it doesn't.

According to relationship expert Dr. John Gottman, the average couple waits 6 years before seeking help for relationship problems.

How might year after year after year of relationship difficulties affect your happiness? Your health? Your job? Your children?

Whether you've just started to notice the signs and symptoms of relationship problems or if they've been there far too long already, you can do something about it today.