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Should we see a counselor? Home Renovations

A lot of couples wonder if the difficulty they are facing is worth seeing a counselor about. Is counseling only for couples who are experiencing a crisis? Is it only for couples who are preparing to get married? Does a counselor only deal with the "big issues" of infidelity, violence, and separation/divorce.

While many couples will contact a counselor in moments of crisis or extreme difficulty, counseling isn't only for those times. Indeed, an aspect of counseling that can be overlooked is the preventative side with a focus on anticipating and avoiding potential problem situations

Think about this: In the latest issue of Consumer Reports, there was an article entitled Home Renovations without Aggravation. In this article, the author notes the following:

 Consider a January 2016 survey from Houzz, which found that 41 percent of people who remodeled with their partner found the experience frustrating; 7 percent felt they needed couples counseling during the process, and 5 percent even considered a breakup.

A renovation requires some big decisions. Long conversations. Construction tie-ups. Costs that might exceed the budget. Compromises.

It makes sense then that the experience is frustrating.

Before the renovation contributes to a "wreck-avation" of your relationship, know that there's support out there to help you.

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